Sellers Guide

How much is your property worth?

The first step to selling your home is to get an up to date property valuation. You should invite more than one estate agent to view the property; we would suggest three local agents. Absolute Living will provide a free, no obligation market appraisal based on a wealth of local knowledge and data to draw on when valuing your property.

Choose your estate agent and your solicitor

When choosing your estate agent you should consider if they have plenty of experience, how much local insight they have, if they are able to effectively and proactively market your property, if they are affiliated to any professional or regulatory bodies and if they have a reputation for providing excellent customer service. At Absolute Living we consider these things to be essential when it comes to selling property successfully. Most estate agents are able to make a recommendation of which solicitor to use, but it’s also worth asking friends and family about their experiences and who they would recommend.

Property Viewings

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We will always contact you prior to any viewings to find a convenient time; all viewings will always be accompanied.

For the first viewing we recommend you head out and allow the buyers to immerse themselves in a relaxed way, prospective buyers don’t really want you hovering over them while they’re trying to nose around. If they feel awkward, they’re much less likely to linger in your home and get the full impact of how great it is and how they’d very much they would like to buy it.

Interested parties who visit for a second viewing will want you to be in the house to ask about neighbours and information only you will know which will give them a feel from you and confidence in your property; this also makes them feel invested in the property by taking your time.

Receiving offers

If you are using an estate agent to market your property then any interested parties must make an offer through them. If there is more than one interested party, we will keep you up to date with competing offers. You don’t have to choose the highest bidder, in fact you should consider your aims and how this relates to the buyer’s situation. If you want to move quickly, a chain free first time buyer, someone who has already sold their property, or a cash buyer may be preferable to a slightly higher bid. All offers will be put in writing as this is a legal duty and will of course be discussed on the phone or in person.

Accepting an offer

Once the final offer has been accepted, we will contact your solicitor and the buyer’s solicitor who will draw up the agreement and work out any legal issues that arise. The buyer will also instruct their lender (if required) to value the property so they can finalise their mortgage offer. They may also commission a survey or homebuyer report at this point too; we aim to ensure a mortgage valuation within two weeks of the sale being agreed.

Exchanging contracts and completion

The exchanging of contracts is carried out on your behalf by your solicitor or conveyancer. It is when the sale of your home becomes legally binding and once the contracts have exchanged you can be fairly certain that the sale of your house will go through. You will also receive a preliminary deposit from the buyer at this point which you would be able to keep if they pulled out of the purchase however, you would also be liable for penalties or legal action if you pulled out of the sale. The completion date will be stated in the contracts and this is when the property will be transferred to the new owners. You must leave the property on this date and need to arrange for all of your belongings to be removed from the property, ready for the new occupants to arrive on the same day, once the final monies have been received. Keep in mind that completion days are almost always on a weekday to allow the banks and solicitors to arrange transfer of monies and complete other necessary legal or financial actions that would be impossible to do on a weekend.

Crack open the Fizz!

Completion day can be stressful for all concerned, especially if you’re part of a chain, but as the final step in selling in your property it means you can take some time to celebrate.


We will collect keys from you or a nominated contact, cut them at our cost and return the original keys free of charge so we can get on and market your property promptly

Maintenance For All

If you use our basic Comprehensive Let Service we can still arrange quotations for maintenance to your investment or home including new wiring, new boiler install, decorating, new bathrooms, new kitchens or a full refurbishment. Equally if you need a blind replaced or a door lock changed we can arrange this with our experienced handyman and builder team.

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